TCC Certified

We offer our Sustainability Certification for Individual Growers and Grower Groups

Once an organization has completed the initial registration process, your TCC assigned guide will work with your organization throughout the Certification Process.

audit models


This model combines a pre-assessment “test run” type of audit with a full certification audit. The pre-assessment is ideal for individual growers who are unsure if they are yet eligible for Certification. Through this process a TCC auditor examines all areas of the business just like a regular TCC audit. This pre-assessment will identify areas of the business that do not currently conform to TCC Sustainability Standards. The business then has a period of time to develop programs, practices and policies that will allow the business to conform to the TCC Sustainability Standard. The full certification audit must be completed within 6 months of the pre-assessment audit.

Individual Certification

This model is for individual growers that feel they are prepared for a full audit. This would be based on the organization’s review of TCC Sustainability Standard, feeling their organization has material alignment with the Standards, and review of pertinent business data by TCC staff prior to the audit.

Group Certification

The group certification model allows grower groups such as COOPs, Grower Associations and Cannabis Marketing Organizations (CMO) a cost-effective vehicle for certification to the TCC Sustainability Standard. This option allows grower groups to certify all their product by creating and maintaining a strong Quality Management System (QMS) and having a percentage of the whole grower group audited each year rather than having every farm audited every year.

an investment for the future of your business and the planet

A TCC certification is an investment in the success and future of your farm. Certification assures you that you are periodically re-evaluating your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and monitoring your systems.

This ensures you:

  • Avoid operating malfunctions due to equipment needing maintenance
  • Prepares your organization for emergencies that may arise
  • Helps to preventing crop damage or crop failure.
  • TCC certification is respected by local regulatory bodies which may assist farmers when applying for licenses as it demonstrates adherence to local regulations, responsible agriculture and an organization whose values are based on sustainability and respect for their community and the environment.

protecting your knowledge

  • TCC’s confidentiality protocols are designed to safeguard disclosure of each individual’s niche application and cultivation methodologies.
  • We protect our clients’ information through our process of anonymous serialization.