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Control Union is part of our cannabis community

Control Union

The Cannabis Conservancy Community has licensed our platform of sustainability certifications to Rotterdam-based Peterson-Control Union. With roots in agricultural inspections, Netherlands-based Peterson-Control Union has been operating for nearly 100 years. During this time, their focus has been in the field of logistics, quality, certifications and risk management. A family-owned company to this day, they now operate in more than 70 countries and employ more than 4,000 people. Control Union has in-depth knowledge and experience that covers all aspects of the supply chain in many industries, including agriculture, energy, forestry, sustainability and textiles. These unique skills allow us to reach an international audience and benefit more people.

the NCIA is a part of our cannabis community

National Cannabis Industry Association Scientific Advisory Committee

The Cannabis Conservancy is a proud member of the National Cannabis Industry Association. We have conducted a pre-conference workshop annually at the Cannabis Business Summit & Expo since 2016. Our cofounder, Brittny Anderson, sits on NCIA’s Scientific Advisory Committee. They advise other NCIA committees as they work to develop standards and guidelines for the various sectors of our industry, ensuring that any formal recommendations produced by other committees are scientifically sound, sustainable, and legitimate.

Sun and earth Cannabis Conservancy

Sun and Earth Certified

The Cannabis Conservancy collaborated in partnership with Certified Kind with the guidance of a Technical Advisory Committee to develop the Sun and Earth Certified Standards, a nonprofit that certifies cannabis grown under the sun, in the soil of Mother Earth, and without chemicals by fairly-paid farmers.



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