Simply Efficient

Thoughtful and Efficient Cultivation Practices

TCCs mission is to encourage all growers to work towards the most thoughtful and efficient practices possible no matter their cultivation context. With that in mind we offer growers certification to our standards with particular attention to production contexts for indoor growers.

Currently large amounts of cannabis production is done indoors due to many factors including state and local regulatory frameworks that limit growers to inside production, investment environment that favors inside production, and a legacy of growers who have developed inside production techniques over the past 4 decades.

Though indoor production of cannabis can never be truly considered a “sustainable” method of production due to high embedded carbon footprint and day to day energy use, it is clear that production can be done in a thoughtful and efficient matter, with an eye towards efficiency best practices and natural based production methods. 

We have created the Simply Efficient Certification to help support and recognize those indoor growers working towards becoming as sustainable as possible.