Cannabis Conservancy

Rewarding cultivators for their commitment to sustainability

The Cannabis Conservancy Sustainability Standards

Through certification, farmers show their industry, leadership and honesty. The Cannabis Conservancy Sustainability Standards were developed specifically for the Cannabis industry. In addition, these standards assure TCC Certified Cannabis is the most consciously cultivated Cannabis on the planet. The SIMPLY ECO Certification takes a holistic approach to farming requirements. For example, it applies seven pillars of long lasting cultivation. These pillars include: Policy and Implementation, Land and Infrastructure, Cultivation Practices, Harvesting and Processing, Energy, Water, and Waste.

Cannabis Conservancy

The SIMPLY ECO Certification goes beyond organic growing requirements. It takes a holistic and environmental approach. This is accomplished by using the seven pillars of sustainable cultivation.

Cannabis Conservancy Simply Efficient

The Cannabis Conservancy Simply Efficient certification is about indoor cannabis production. It covers the core standards related to Compliance, Education and Training. Included in this are growing and IPM Practices as well as Product Testing. The Processing Practices have an emphasis on Water use, Energy use and Waste minimization.

Sun and earth Cannabis Conservancy

The SUN + EARTH Certified standards, celebrates chemical-free cannabis, grown by family farmers. It assesses three pillars of regenerative farming: Earth Care and Cultivation, Human Empowerment, and Community Engagement.

Boulder County Carbon Conscious

The Boulder County Carbon Conscious Certification was created for much needed accountability within the current farming market. This pertains to the carbon footprint of cannabis conservancy operations.

Policy & Implementation

Land & Infrastructure

Cultivation Practices






Cannabis users are aware of the effects it has on their bodies, community and the planet. In fact, they seek out and choose certified products with great quality. Our MYGrow page allows users to learn about and connect with the people and companies that produce quality Cannabis.


Cannabis Conservancy certified products add value to your dispensary in a number of ways. It provides buyers with guaranteed quality products. The cannabis market is maturing and becoming more competitive. This certification is a way to set yourself apart by offering the best products to your buyers.


Through certification, farmers can show their leadership and commitment to lasting and efficient practices. They also promote a culture of honesty. TCC certification supports growers’ accountability for their outcomes. This results in trust between grower and buyer. Furthermore, this support provides a tool for buyers to develop an emotional attachment to their products. This helps build a stronger brand. Lastly, management and decision-making improves, leading to cost reductions.