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The Cannabis Conservancy™ provides an internationally recognized certification platform for Cannabis producers that meet a number specific standards. These standards are related to our core 7 pillars which Include policy and implementation, land and infrastructure, cultivation, water use, waste stream, energy use, harvesting and processing.

We understand that this is a long-term commitment of continual improvement and have therefore based our Standards and certification process on a pragmatic approach that incorporates and appreciates the uniqueness of each individual’s practices and works to preserve the historic, cultural, and genetic heritage of Cannabis.

TCC Standards can be used to assess indoor Production through our SIMPLY Efficient standard. Outdoor and greenhouse production can be assessed with the SIMPLY ECO standard.Regenerative production can be assessed using the Sun and Earth standard.

Our mission is to empower and assure that the Cannabis industry achieves environmental, economic, and social sustainability.




Cannabis consumers are conscientious about what they put into their bodies and are aware of the impacts the products they consume have on their community and the planet. They seek out and choose certified products because of superior quality and certified grower commitment to sustainability. Through our MYGrow page consumers are able to learn about and connect with the people and companies that produce the Cannabis they know and love.


Cannabis Conservancy certified products add value to your dispensary in a number of ways. Its provides customers with product that is assured, a value add for the increasingly conscious consumer. As the cannabis market matures and becomes even more competitive, it is a way to set yourself apart from the “standard” dispensary by offering a certified product of superior quality.


Through certification, cultivators demonstrate their industry leadership and commitment to sustainable, efficient and regenerative practices, while promoting a culture of transparency and accountability. TCC certification enhances growers’ accountability for their impacts and therefore enhances trust between grower and consumer. This accountability facilitates shared values and provides a mechanism for consumers to develop an emotional attachment to their products, which ultimately helps build a stronger brand. Additionally internal management and decision-making processes are examined and improved, leading to cost reductions.

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