A Commitment to Science, A Passion For SUSTAINABILITY

Our mission is to empower and assure that the regulated Cannabis industry achieves environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Green cannabis guide

This guide shows how consciously cultivated cannabis can contribute to a green future. It will empower you to show your leadership and honesty within the cannabis community. Create products with great quality, add value to your dispensary, and show your commitment to lasting stewardship of the planet. This guide is about building trust and showing up for our community to support an elevated quality of life for all.

Sustainability Certification for Individual Growers and Grower Groups







The Cannabis Conservancy™ provides an internationally-recognized certification platform

The Cannabis Conservancy™ provides an internationally-recognized certification platform – for Cannabis producers that meet a number specific standards. These standards are related to our 7 core pillars, which include policy and implementation, land and infrastructure, cultivation, water use, waste stream, energy use, harvesting and processing.

We understand that this is a long-term commitment to continual improvement, and have therefore based our standards and certification process on a pragmatic approach that incorporates and appreciates the uniqueness of each individual’s practices, while working to preserve the historic, cultural, and genetic heritage of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis Conservancy

A Commitment to Science,
A Passion For Sustainability

Cannabis Conservancy Simply Efficient

Simply Eco

Our holistic and comprehensive tiered sustainability certification.

Simply Efficient

Our sustainability certification for indoor cultivators.

Sun and earth Cannabis Conservancy

Sun + Earth Certified

A regenerative beyond organic certification.

Boulder County Carbon Conscious

The Boulder County

Recognizing cultivators committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

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