The Legion of Bloom

Old World Consciousness New World Sustainability
Describe your organization.
The Legion of Bloom is a values driven company, committed in providing the highest quality cannabis products. Our promise is to elevate health and well being, through sustainable, conscious cultivation and extraction practices
What year was your organization established?
How far does your organization reach?
What is the origin story of your organization?
The Legion of Bloom is founded by five friends that shared a vision of producing the highest quality cannabis and cannabis products.
What is your organization best known for?
Quality and the Customer Service
Why is TCC Certification important to you?
Health, conservation and sustainability are among the principals embodied by The Legion of Bloom.
Do you grow indoor, outdoor, in greenhouses, or some combination?
Are your plants grown from clone, seed, or a combo?
How do you water your plants?
How do you feed your plants?
What kind of soil do you use?
home blended
What kind of nutrients do you use?
dry amendments
Do you use beneficial bacteria or teas?
How do you fight against pests, mold, or mildew?
What sort of packaging do you use for your Cannabis?
glass jars
What does your supply chain system look like?
dispensary direct