Sweet Sisters Family Farm

Consistant quality held to the highest standard.

Describe your organization.
Sweet Sisters Family Farm is a multi-generational farm in Mendocino County that has been operating off the grid producing high quality, sun grown, sweet flowers for nearly 40 years. Concentrating on local strains that reveal a sense of place in the appearance, nose, taste and effect, you know you are home when you experience a Sweet Sisters product.
What year was your organization established?
How far does your organization reach?
When did you first become interested in Cannabis, or first begin cultivating?
In the 60's! Peace, love and happiness!
What is your organization best known for?
Consistant quality held to the highest standard.
What size is your canopy?
10000 Square Feet
How many people make up your organization?
Do you farm independently, cooperatively, or as part of a grower group?
Why is TCC Certification important to you?
It demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and gives an assurance to the consumer that the product they consume is clean.
Do you grow indoor, outdoor, in greenhouses, or some combination?
Approximately how many strains do you grow each year?
What are they?
Mendo Crumble, Moon Drops, J-Medi, Lemon Jack, Helena, Mandlebrot's Oil Spill, Royal Kush, Royal Wedding, Headband x CInderella 99
What are your favorite strains to grow, and why?
We love all of our plants!
Have you ever been certified by any organization before?
If so, who?
Clean Green Certified
Do you support, or work in tandem with, any local businesses?
Yes, Hive Mendocino Coorperative!
Are your plants grown from clone, seed, or a combo?
How much TCC Certified Sustainable Cannabis do you produce each year?
600 lbs
What are your power sources?
On-site Solar
Tell us more about your power sources.
We have been off grid for 40+ years.
How do you water your plants?
How do you feed your plants?
What kind of automation do you use?
Irrigation system timer
What kind of soil do you use?
bulk soil, home blended, in-ground, natural soil
What kind of nutrients do you use?
dry amendments
Where do you get your inputs (soil and/or nutrients) from?
Ag supply store, generated on farm, wildcrafted
Do you use beneficial bacteria or teas?
How do you fight against pests, mold, or mildew?
IPM, foliar, sulfur, dehumidification
Do you hand trim or machine trim?
Do you wet trim or dry trim?
What do you do with your organization\'s waste?
compost on site
Do you compost?
Do you recycle?
Tell us more about the packaging you chose.
We are wholesale and do not have am individual farm brand that is packaged
What does your supply chain system look like?