Describe your organization.
Bellavia Gardens, Inc., doing business as Island Mountain Originals, has 23,000 sq ft (1/2 acre) of cannabis and vegetable cultivation on their Southern Humboldt farm. The remaining 37.5 acres on the land are devoted to and maintained as natural habitat which is preserved for native flora and fauna. Our vegetable garden contains an array of heirloom, open-pollinated varietals as well as pollinator plants. Monitoring is done by trained, seasoned staff and apprentices.
What year was your organization established?
How far does your organization reach?
What is the origin story of your organization?
Reaping the Fruits of our own this not an accurate definition of Freedom? Healthy Land, Healthy People, Healthy Farm and Gardens, Healthy Plants, and Bonafide Medicine Work...for our people, patients, and planet.
When did you first become interested in Cannabis, or first begin cultivating?
We were born Forest Spirits...we work with Nature, in Nature, and for Nature and its people. The Earth is a living organism, and we are living extensions thereof.
What is your organization best known for?
Breaking Bread, the consistency of our medicinal cannabis, Creating a Culture of Abundance, and our Wilderness State of Mind
What makes your organization unique?
Integrity at every step of the value chain: our appelation, land, soil, plants, people, and pistils
What about your organization are you most proud of?
Cannabis is exemplary of the farm from which it comes, of the hands and the humans which attend to it, and of the ethos with which it is cultivated. We grow for taste and flavor, not for yield. We pride ourselves in producing pesticide-free, lab-tested, Cannabis Conservancy-certified flower that is beyond contemporary big-box-store organic standards. Our terroir presents an ideal climate for medicinal cannabis production at 2000 feet elevation above sea level, and we hold the flag of our Southern Humboldt appellation high!
What size is your canopy?
23000 Square Feet
How many people make up your organization?
Do you farm independently, cooperatively, or as part of a grower group?
If other was selected, please describe.
...interdependently would be a more appropriate term here.
Why is TCC Certification important to you?
Independent Third-Party Certification of our standards and quality control from the TCC is a milestone for BVG/IMO. It is an affirmation of our mission statement, our visions, and of the dreams which constitute the pith of our day to day lives and duties.
Tell us about a typical day at your organization.
Sun-up to sun-down medicine work, plant work, land work, people work. Continuing creativity in our endeavors, pace and purpose in our projects, sweat-equity gushing through our pores with perseverance in order to sustain our quality of and into futurity for our posterity. We practice a time-honored form of 'Practiculture Adaptation' - intermingling hard agricultural labor, artisanal works, creative added value projects, agro-ecological principles, and co-operative horticultural ethics with pragmatic grit combined with tenacious diligence. This is the only way we've been able to Put It All Together and Keep it Together for the last decade.
Do you grow indoor, outdoor, in greenhouses, or some combination?
Please tell us more about your facility:
Island Mountain Organics remains committed to using only organic, sustainably sourced nutrients, procured locally whenever possible. All dry nutrients and amendments are mixed into the soil prior to planting or applied by hand via top dressing methodology. Soluble nutrients are mixed with water in designated 100 gallon reservoirs and then applied to the beds by hand watering or drip irrigation. A composting program has been instituted for 2018. Harvesting is conducted and determined by relative maturity levels of concurrent phenotypes. Presently, our beds have been uniformly planted with one phenotype (though this is most likely to change as we move forward). The plants are categorized, batched, and then hung upside down on a drying line immediately inside a climate-controlled, insulated structure. The lines are labelled according to strain, greenhouse, bed, row, and date. After they have dried sufficiently to the desired moisture content, taking between five to ten days, the plants are then removed from the lines and placed with care into totes or boxes oriented in one direction (all flowers facing one direction). The totes are thus labelled again, given a lot number, and moved to the floral processing area. Here, the flowers are removed from the stalks and undergo final processing: hand- trimming the leaves from the flowers. From there, the flowers go into a paper bag and subsequently a turkey bag or seal-a-meal bag when it is ready to be sealed. Final labeling is printed with appropriate batch and lot identification. The stalks are then moved outdoors where they field-ret, or placed in bins of water to water-ret. Once thoroughly retted, the bast fiber is removed for paper-making, and the woody core is mulched. Waste not, Want not!
Approximately how many strains do you grow each year?
What are they?
Cookie Glue, Golden Lemon, Island OG, SFV OG, SourBand, Sunset Sherbet, GasLeak, GasLeak x SFV OG, GasLeak X SourDiesel, Fire OG, G.G.#4, AC/DC, Isl. Mtn. Royal OG seed strains
What are your favorite strains to grow, and why?
As practical farmers, fishermen, and carpenters, we've been tailoring our production, determining our process, and selecting our cultivars, as well as our catch and contracts for that matter, based on current market demand, resistance to pests, molds, and mildews, overall plant vigor and vitality, and genetic stability. We will continue to grow the most emblematic and exotic cultivars that emblazon the mind, stimulate the market, perform well in our terroir, and most importantly, produce potent, consistent medicinal content.
Have you ever been certified by any organization before?
Do you support, or work in tandem with, any local businesses?
What are your preferred dispensaries and why?
Alta Supply Om Edibles Lowell’s Farms Legion of Bloom Craft Cannabis Delivery Purple Lotus Dispensary Fire-King Artisanal Hash **note- these are our collaborative brands: edible, vape, pre-roll, and concentrate.
Are your plants grown from clone, seed, or a combo?
How much TCC Certified Sustainable Cannabis do you produce each year?
250 lbs
What are your power sources?
On-site Solar, Electric Grid, Propane
Tell us more about your power sources.
BVG/IMO is committed to using the absolute minimum amount of non-renewable energy as possible. We are actively taking steps to convert systems to renewable energy sources. In 2018, we are installing rainwater catchment systems on all structures, as well as a gray water system in Building 1. Wind and Solar power installations are planned for 2019.
What brand of greenhouse / blackout materials do you use (if any)?
FFG, Quiedan
How do you water your plants?
Handwatering is integrated once or twice weekly.
Please tell us more about how you water your plants.
Our irrigation system employs a drip system in the primary 15,000 sq feet of beds - plants are watered every other day through this drip system when they are at the height of photosynthesis. One half gallon on average is applied per plant. They are hand watered whenever necessary, usually at a rate of one half gallon twice a week, averaging 1 gallon per plant every other day for the greenhouse plants. Full seasons average 5 gallons every other day, from the time they are planted to mid-June. In July, the hydration is bumped up to 10 gallons every other day until early September, at which time water usage tapers off gradually into the fall. Of course, hydration rates and applications fluctuate with weather. Thorough inspection and maintenance of the water system is completed once weekly, logged, and tracked.
How do you feed your plants?
Please tell us more about how you feed your plants.
Certified Organic Amendments, Top-dressings, and a paucity of soluble Certified Organic Nutrients
Tell us more about the automation you use.
Read How to Grow More Vegetables, by John Jeavons
What kind of soil do you use?
home blended, in-ground, natural soil, soil totes
What kind of nutrients do you use?
dry amendments
Where do you get your inputs (soil and/or nutrients) from?
Ag supply store, generated on farm
Do you use beneficial bacteria or teas?
beneficial bacteria
How do you fight against pests, mold, or mildew?
Describe your trim scene.
Lady's Auxiliary, by Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie- Precious Friends Album
Do you hand trim or machine trim?
Do you wet trim or dry trim?
Do you compost?
Tell us more.
let the carrion do their work
Do you recycle?
What sort of packaging do you use for your Cannabis?
vacuum sealed bags, turkey bags, glass jars
What does your supply chain system look like?
co-branded distribution, distributor
Tell us more about your supply chain
...a Thousand Thank-You's to our tremendous partners and collaborative brands. We could not be where we are without you.