Describe your organization.
Located on the western ridge of the Little Lake Valley in the heart of Mendocino County, we are Fire Flower Farm. We are creators and cultivators of high quality, lab-tested Cannabis, bred for optimal performance. Our focus is on Sustainability, for the land, the people on our team, and the business and community of which we are a part. We are a full-season, full-sun farm and we are able to provide fresh, potent produce throughout the year and on-demand. Fire Flower Farm holds both Local and State certification of compliance. Having acquired one of the first permits in Mendocino County, our priorities are Regulatory Compliance and Community. We are constantly working within our community of farmers, producers, distributors and retailers to create an ecosystem of trust and accountability, to our products, the land, our business partners, and our customers.
What is the origin story of your organization?
Fire Flower Farm emerged from a partnership that became a family. Our farms’ origin story comes from the strength and determination of a woman with a will who found her opportunity in the hills above the town of Willits. She labored with the help and support of community, and the eventual hire of the other owner (first as a laborer, then a boyfriend, and eventually a partner). Over many years, cultivation eventually spanned 3 properties and created abundance and opportunity for a host of travelers, artists, and musicians. Fire Flower was realized on and around the land we cultivate today. With regulation on the horizon and Sustainability in mind, we decided to focus our resources on compliance and operational integrity. A new type of enterprise was created and with some trepidation but even more excitement, Fire Flower Farm was born. We are proud to have been awarded the 2nd cultivation permit issued in Mendocino County, and with our “Early Adopters” mentality, the rest has moved into place. We are purveyors of High-Quality lab-tested Cannabis, open to new business partnerships and thriving in the new world of regulation.