how growers benefit

Internal management and decision-making processes are examined and improved, leading to cost reductions by measuring and monitoring energy consumption, inputs, water and waste.


TCC educates and supports farmers in making the transition from no regulations to robust regulation. In a market where laws are changing quickly, producers need to feel supported in their efforts to comply with regulation. Many challenges come up in this process. By providing good education and resources for that transition, TCC helps move the entire industry forward in very positive ways. A spirit of optimism and cooperation is helpful in facing the new challenges of a highly regulated market place. TCC will empower its members by helping them navigate regulations as they change over the next several years. TCC supports its members by sharing resources that promote solid and prosperous businesses development based on the high ethics of sustainability, compliance and accountability.

an investment for the future
of your business and the planet


A TCC certification is an investment in the success and future of your farm. Certification assures you that you are periodically re-evaluating your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and monitoring your systems.

This ensures you:

  • Avoid operating malfunctions due to equipment needing maintenance
  • Prepares your organization for emergencies that may arise
  • Helps to preventing crop damage or crop failure.

TCC certification is respected by local regulatory bodies which may assist farmers when applying for licenses as it demonstrates adherence to local regulations, responsible agriculture and an organization whose values are based on sustainability and respect for their community and the environment.

The value of TCC certification goes beyond the reduction of production costs and the price increase of a premium product. TCC Certification creates resiliency for your farm assuring your continued success and place amongst the burgeoning Cannabis industry.


science-based approach


sustainability certification

a greener world

benefits of certification

connect with your grower


Through TCC Certification consumers are provided the opportunity to make an educated choice and have assurance that TCC labeled products follow strict adherence to our Sustainability Standards and are free of harmful chemical inputs.

The MYGrow™ Quick Response (QR) Code system connects consumers directly to producers. The individualized QR codes are incorporated into the label on packages. Consumers scan the code and they are brought directly to the grower's webpage on TCC's website. This platform enables consumers to learn about their grower and their products. It gives growers the opportunity to tell their story directly to consumers. This builds brand loyalty, trust and increases the value of TCC Certified products. By offering a direct consumer link to growers, TCC affords the marketplace a transparent model for traceability and quality that no other standard or certification body currently offers. 

The MYGrow™ QR Code Program is important as a primary marketing tool for:

● Certified producers - a way to tell their story and build their brand
● Wholesalers - traceability, risk mitigation through safety and quality assurance
● Consumer - direct, easy access to vital information about the product and the certifying body

protecting your knowledge


TCC’s confidentiality protocols are designed to safeguard disclosure of each individual’s niche application and cultivation methodologies.  We protect our clients’ information through our process of anonymous serialization.

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