Boulder County Carbon Conscious Certification


March, 2021

The legal cannabis industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years as more new states have voted to legalize both recreational and medical adult-use. Naturally, this tremendous growth within the sector has many consequences and implications on various fronts — perhaps the most important of which is the potential impact it has on the environment. Boulder County and Colorado as a whole are already experiencing the costly effects of climate change, and the time is now for bold action.


Because of this urgent need for stewardship and accountability within the current cultivation market with regard to the carbon footprint of cannabis operations, and with the support of Boulder County cultivators, the Boulder County Carbon Conscious Certification (BCCC) was created. Read on as we detail our purpose and what it means to have our seal on your products. Our cause is vital in the fight against climate change and the sustainability of the market.

Working Towards an Environmentally-Focused, Green Market: Our Three-Year Vision

The Cannabis Conservancy and Boulder County’s Energy Impact Offset Fund (EIOF) Committee understand that making cultivation operations more energy-efficient and less carbon intensive takes time. Our organization is proudly committed to working with cultivators in order to incrementally improve their efforts. The ultimate purpose of the BCCC is to recognize cultivators who show a desire to reduce their carbon footprint, while encouraging and assisting each farm throughout their energy optimization journey. 


Our goal is “Net Zero Carbon Cannabis Cultivation”, with cultivators demonstrating a progressive improvement of meaningful reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions over a three-year period — all in hope of creating an environmentally-focused, green market.


What Does Having our BCCC Seal on Your Products Mean for Your Brand?

While our current focus is certainly Boulder and Colorado-centered, we believe that our certification model can and should be introduced in cities and regions throughout the country. What does having our BCCC seal on your products mean for your brand? Primarily, it allows the consumer and others in the supply chain to know that they’re supporting a cultivator who is working towards carbon neutral cannabis production. 


Benefits of the Certification for Boulder-based Cultivators

Benefits of our certification include increased consumer and public awareness and profile-boosting industry recognition. It is designed to help cultivators, by providing a step-by-step framework for energy efficiency management, adequate and clear reasons for implementation guidance, and meticulous compliance support. Our certification also goes a long way in improving your local industry relations, fostering engagement, pride, and consumer loyalty in your brand, while also encouraging crucial knowledge-sharing. 


Marketing benefits for Boulder-local businesses, such as designating your products as ‘Top Shelf Status’ and ‘Premium Price’, are also reasons to have our seal. Supporting ‘local’ is in the Colorado spirit and our distinctive BCCC seal lets the consumer know that they’re supporting local cultivators who are committed to sustainable practices; a win-win for everyone — the consumer, the cultivator/brand, and the market.

Committed to Integrity: Our BCCC Standards

In order to successfully implement our program, we have established a set of standards, based on strategic energy management principles, to help guide our operations and those of our participating cultivators: 

Year 1:

Initial standards in the first year include creating written energy conservation and carbon reduction policy, ensuring an annual energy assessment with baseline productivity metrics, and procedures to maintain an efficient cultivation system, along with setting attainable, facility-specific energy optimization goals. 

Year 2:

During the second year of our program, cultivators will progress to having a written energy efficient procurement policy, implementing a training program, and the setting of organizational goals focused on behavioral changes to reduce energy consumption. The organization will also have a written energy efficiency report, and will have implemented at least one energy efficiency measure as recommended in the energy assessment. 

Year 3:

New standards in the third year will focus on participation in an established carbon offset program, along with demonstrating improvement in productivity efficiency by either reducing energy consumption or increasing yields.


Certified Farms

We’re proud to have certified these Boulder County farms with our Carbon Conscious Certification:

  • The Republic – With incredible views on 25 acres of open space, The Republic Cannabis Dispensary offers customers one of the most beautiful dispensary locations in all of Colorado. 
  • Vera – Boulder-based cannabis cultivation company with a mission to meet the rigorous product demands of the cannabis industry.
  • In The Flow – Cannabis connoisseurs focused on ensuring the highest quality by maintaining small batches, consistent attention to detail, and natural growing techniques.
  • Karing Kind – Boulder, Colorado’s first recreational marijuana dispensary – offering top shelf quality marijuana flower, concentrates, edibles, and more at affordable prices in a discreet, relaxing setting.
  • RiNo Supply Company – Member-driven medical marijuana dispensary dedicated to providing the highest quality product at the most affordable price.

Our team at the BCCC is excited to help Boulder County and the legal cannabis industry at large achieve a brighter, greener and healthier future. For more information about our organization & the Boulder County Carbon Conscious Certification, please visit our website: or or or email to get in touch!

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