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May, 2017

Join The Cannabis Conservancy and friends for the third year in a row for an in-depth look at Sustainability both in the marketplace and in the field.

We will focus on ways to reduce production costs, create value added products, build larger margins, demand shelf space and build resiliency for your company through deepening relationships with distributors and dispensaries as well as further building your brand and deepening customer loyalty.

Interactive Components

TCC will lead participant-centered roundtable discussions about sustainability and risk mitigation in break-off groups.

TCC will run an interactive workshop scenario surrounding product recalls and the ability to track batches to minimize loss and maximize traceability in break off groups


The following speakers have been confirmed:

Michael Straus’ (Hugo Straus) will lead us through his involvement in the creation of standards within the organic dairy industry while with Straus Creamery makes his experiences a much-needed vision for the future of regulated Cannabis.

Eric Brandstad (Forever Flowering Greenhouses) will enlighten us on sustainable approaches to Cannabis cultivation via greenhouse and light dep technology.

Scott Skamnes (Creative Soil) will inspire us as we dive into sustainable/regenerative approaches to Cannabis cultivation via the Soil Food Web and his phenomenal discoveries in the field based on his studies with Dr. Elaine Ingham.

Chrystal Ortiz (True Humboldt)- will explore how to build resiliency for farmers in the regulated market through the cooperative farming model.

Alex Spelman (SICPA)- opens a door into the realities of operating in a regulated market from the perspective of his most recent accomplishment of creating Humboldt County’s track and trace program, Humboldt Origin.

David Hua (Meadow)- will discuss the benefits of working with certified products from the perspective of one of the Bay Area’s largest online distribution platforms.

Jamie Kerr (530 Collective)- will illuminate the benefits of working with certified products in the retail/consumer scenario from the perspective of someone deeply involved in dispensary ownership and policy making.

Ahmed Rahim (Numi Teas)- will lead participants through an exploration of the benefits of operating a values-led company from the perspective of creating one of the world’s largest organic tea companies.

Jonathan Valdman (Forever Flowering Greenhouses & The Cannabis Conservancy) will be our Master of Ceremonies and will speak about sustainable approaches to the Cannabis market and how to build resiliency and add value through certification and the ability to convey your ‘story’ to the consumer.

Workshop Takeaways

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from experienced and respected individuals that currently operate successful businesses and contribute to the industry.

With the information learned during this workshop businesses will have a new sense of how to drive the values of their company forward and join the leagues of recognized brands on the dispensary shelves.

Producers and manufacturers will learn how to get their story into the minds of their current and potential consumers.

Attain a deeper understanding of how one’s reduced impacts can add value to their product as well as demand a story driven premium for their product. This is invaluable information for the small to medium sized farm and company.

Demystifying the realities of compliance and quality assurance and certification will be spoken about in length. In any mature industry all successful companies have some kind of certification verifying the claims they make are true and correct and that consumer safety has been verified.

About the Conference

NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit & Expo is the most influential cannabis summit and trade show in the U.S. Hosted by the industry’s only national trade association, in the epicenter of the cannabis movement, this business conference has the products, suppliers, programming, and networking you need to elevate your business and achieve new levels of success.

This award-winning event features more than 80,000 square feet of the best companies and services for cultivation equipment, business services and investors, extraction tools and supplies, infused products, laboratories, media, retail and purchasing, packaging, and more.

This is your opportunity to meet with engage in real policy and regulatory panel discussions and enhance your business operations.

This is the one national conference where NCIA members, industry leaders, marijuana policymakers, and cannabis thought leaders convene every year to see what’s new in the market and what the latest issues and trends are. Register to attend here.

We hope to see you there.

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